The Build
8’6” #6 4 piece built on a Tom Morgan Rodsmiths dark maroon fibreglass blank with spigot ferrules and nickel silver reinforcing rings. 
The reel seat is a Snake Brand dark nickel coloured aluminium uplocking screw winch and the rings are dark nickel. The stripper guide is a Dark Amber Agate and the whippings are translucent mahogany with antique gold accents. The reel seat insert is figured Red Mallee.
This is the best fibreglass blank currently available and they have received wide acclaim. This rod has the best of everything and is a great fishing rod for the lakes and larger streams and rivers. 
I use a Tom Morgan fibreglass rods and enjoy it enormously. An original Tom Morgan rod bag and rod tube are included in the price.

Tom Morgan 8'6" #6


Ian Musto Fly Rods, Canberra, ACT, Australia

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