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McFarland Rods Perpetual 8'3" #4/5

The Perpetual rods are rolled with a unique blend of both E-glass and S-glass utilizing high-tech, ultra thin pre-pregs. These unique materials, combined with well designed tapers, produce a very lightweight and sensitive rod with a quick recovery speed. ​

Built on a natural blank with modified wells grip, an uplocking reel seat and a beautiful Black Heart Sassafras insert. The stripper is a Meldrum TiCh with Snake Brand ECO snake guides and tip-top. The whippings are translucent yellow with brown and black tippings.

This rods will throw everything from dries and nymphs to streamers and as well as a marvelous stream/small river rod it would also be excellent in the estuaries for bass, bream or flathead.

McFarland Rods Perpetual 8'3" #4/5

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