The Build

8’3” #6/7 3 piece built on a Kabuto dark amber fibreglass blank with spigot ferrules.

The reel seat is a black Proof Payne-style aluminium uplocking screw winch and the rings are black REC Recoil snake guides. The stripper guide is a new REC Cerecoil guide (built like the Recoil stripper but with a ceramic insert). The whippings are translucent variegated amber silk with black accents. The reel seat insert is figured Australian Callitris wood.


This rod is built for both freshwater and estuary fishing with salt-proof fittings throughout.

The rod has both an easy casting curve and a huge reservoir of power. While it would a great lake rod, especially in windy conditions, it would also make a great canoe rod for fishing poppers for Bass and Estuarine Perch or streamers for Bream and Flathead.

The blank was of Kab's usual high quality and his tapers are exceptional.

Kabuto 8'3" #6/7 3 piece fibreglass rod