Ian Musto Fly Rods

Welcome to my site. Rods are usually built to order using the best in blanks and components but I also have rods available for immediate purchase.

Please have a good wander about and let me know if you have any comments about the site or fly rods in general.

Pricing policy

Postage to all clients, domestic and overseas, is free.


My prices must be linked to the cost of the blanks and components and as these are predominantly sourced from the US the falling Aussie dollar has increased costs at this end. By buying in bulk and negotiating with suppliers I have been able to keep increases in final costs to a minimum. All prices are in Australian dollars.

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

A Tom Morgan Rodsmiths 8'6" #6 4 piece fibreglass rod in classic dark brown with nickel silver ferrule  reinforcements. The rod has been built to the highest quality including a two piece (Black Ash with Box Elder) Bellinger up-locking nickel silver reel seat and a maroon agate stripper ring. The whippings are translucent maroon silk. This is one of Tom Morgan's classic designs and a highly sought after rod.

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A new Proof fibreglass rod

A Proof Derby 7'5" #3 3 piece rod in slate blue. The rod has been built with dark blue whippings, a half wells grip with an up-locking aluminium Payne-style reel seat with a nice Coolibah insert. A very good looking rod at a very competitive price.

                                                 Click on the image for full details.


NFC sent me the  announcement of a new series of carbon fibre fly rod blanks that should interest all the 'old style' Loomis fans.

"Gary Loomis introduced the GLX series of rods a number of years ago, today we are announcing the introducing our newest Fly Blank family - the LMX!       
        * LMX Fly Blanks are 40T and 50T carbon blends
        * Ferrule Lite Joints (allows to replace sections without needed adjoining sections)
        * Matte X-ray Finish on every blank
        * Armor-Resin: Toughener added to pre-preg resin to prevent micro-cracks and crack
           propagation caused by accidental impacts to blanks"


I have in stock these blanks for custom builds at the moment:

EPIC Fastglass 480 - 8' #4 four piece fibreglass in amber colour