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Ian Musto Fly Rods

Welcome to my site. Rods are usually built to order using the best in blanks and components but I also have rods available for immediate purchase.

Please have a good wander about and let me know if you have any comments about the site or fly rods in general.

Pricing policy

Postage to all clients, domestic and overseas, is free.


My prices must be linked to the cost of the blanks and components and as these are predominantly sourced from the US the falling Aussie dollar has increased costs at this end. By buying in bulk and negotiating with suppliers I have been able to keep increases in final costs to a minimum. All prices are in Australian dollars.


I have recently received another shipment of blanks from John McFarland at McFarland Rods. 

John is well known for his innovative design in both fibreglass and carbon fibre and the blanks are of a very high quality.

The blanks I have in stock are:

GTX glass 8'6" 5 weight (dark brown, 4 piece)

Emerger carbon fibre 8'0" 4 weight (black, 3 piece)

Tailwind carbon fibre 9’0” 5 weight (black, 4 piece)

From John's website a brief description of the blanks:


GTX Glass - Rolled with a unique blend of E-glass and S-glass, the GTX rods feature a highly evolved fast action and a powerful taper that results in an extremely lightweight rod with a quick recovery. GTX rods are lighter in the hand (the lightest on the market) while still retaining the wonderful feel and smoothness of a glass rod. The GTX rods make it easy to form beautiful loops and punch out long, pinpoint accurate casts without sacrificing close range performance. 


Emerger carbon fibre - I roll the Emerger blanks with a blend of low and medium modulus graphite to produce an ultra-smooth casting rod with incredible line feel. These rods are reminiscent of some of the early graphite rods produced before the modulus race and casting pond hero phase took off, but with an advanced resin system and a unique material layup that reduces weight and enhances sensitivity. By continually tweaking designs over the past 15 years I’ve come up with series of rods that are the ultimate trout fishing tool in the hands of an experienced angler. The Emerger is light in the hand and quick loading, but with enough power to make pin point presentations at longer distances.

Tailwind carbon fibre - "The Tailwind features a highly refined fast recovering, yet deep flexing action that is unlike any other rod available. The Tailwind is remarkably light in the hand (71 grams for the 5wt), quick loading and powerful (loads at 10 feet but will throw 80 feet plus with ease) and has unmatched line feel".

For more information see:

Rods just completed


McFarland Rods Perpetual 8'3" #4/5

The Perpetual rods are rolled with a unique blend of both E-glass and S-glass utilizing high-tech, ultra thin pre-pregs. These unique materials, combined with well designed tapers, produce a very lightweight and sensitive rod with a quick recovery speed.


McFarland Rods Spruce Creek 6'9" #3

The Spruce Creek is Mike McFarland's longest running design and are soft, smooth, and deep flexing with the perfect balance of power from tip to butt. This is a rod for the smaller streams and will fish both dry fly and nymphs to perfection.


McFarland Rods Spruce Creek 7'9" #4

One of Mike's most popular blanks in the Spruce Creek range. A true all-round stream/river rod that will handle everything from tiny nymphs to streamers. A sweet casting rod that looks good in the hand.

Steffen Brothers Rods fibreglass in 8' #4

Steffen Brothers have a well earned reputation for good casting action and quality - they are one of the biggest selling fibreglass fly rods in the US. This build has a half-wells grip and a Lemke Garrison-style up-locking reel seat with a Coolibah burl insert. The stripper is a Mildrum TiCH and the guides are Snake Brand ECO universal snakes. I strongly recommend this rod for stream/river fishing.

NZ North Island rainbow
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